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Now that you have the Gold, what do you do with it!  Why not "Make your own Gold Bars!!!"

Gold Melting Mini Propane Gas Furnace Kit-Melts in 5-10 min 1-2-5-10 Gram Mold included

This little Power House propane powered furnace is only 4" wide & 4" tall with the spacer. Its built with an outer Stainless Steel shell with refractory materials on the inside. It reaches 2100F in only 5-10 Min & uses inexpensive off the shelf propane torches (NOT INCLUDED) Its lightweight so it can be taken into the field or used in any location you want. If your just melting Gold you can melt up to 4 oz at a time in this crucible easy. Full instructions are included;

Whats included;

1 Furnace set 

1 Spacer for tall crucibles

2 Solid Graphite Tall crucibles (1-3/4"Tall x 1-1/2" OD)

1 small bag of flux

1 Mini tongs

1 pr of 9" tongs 

1 pc 4 Cavity High Density Graphite mold

  • This Mold has 4 cavities
  • 1-1-Gram
  • 1-2-Gram
  • 1-5-Gram
  • 1-10-Gram

 Machined graphite mold with the slight wall taper for better metal removal. This Mold is great for making several bars at the same time. The weight of each bar depends on what metal your working with and how full you fill each cavity. Filled to the top will give you an approx weight for the size Gold Bar in each of all 4 cavities. Silver is not as heavy as Gold and pours about 1/2 the weight in each cavity when poured to the top.

Instructions are also included and of course you can always call us for advice & help.

Whats not included that is in the photos are the propane tanks (You can purchase those at your local hardware store) Map Gas works really good too. A bit faster & hotter. (Recommended if you want to melt copper)

Note; The tips needed for your Propane Bottles are the Standard 1/2" Round tips with the air vents at the base.

This is the perfect item for the gold miner or weekend hobby miner.

Watch the Kwik Kiln Demo with Gary Sturgill from the Gold Prospectors Association

$275.00 each

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