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The Gold Lab  Not Available At This Time!


Are You Ready For a More Rewarding Gold Prospecting Experience?

Specifically designed to maximize the total recovery of Flour/Flood Gold right down to the Micro Gold.

The Gold Lab is here to help you get the fine gold that others cannot. No more tedious panning, just more gold from your concentrates. Learn more about how these products can give you the gold mining experience you’re seeking.

How? Simply put, “The Gold Lab” and "The Thumper” make you the most effective gold prospector around. Find out how.

Not sure whether “The Gold Lab” and “The Thumper” are right for you? Give me a call – I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

Take Home the Gold That Others Must Leave Behind

Are you tired of tossing real gold back into the creek just because it’s too fine to pan? Do you want to recover more gold from your concentrates? Add “The Gold Lab” to your gear list and you’ll never go back to old fashioned panning.


Go Home With More Gold and Have More Fun Getting It


Of course the fun of gold prospecting is in the hunt. Dredging and high banking, crushing, reducing, classifying and sluicing – all the effort is worth it when you find a bit of color! What’s more exciting than seeing that glimmer in your materials?


“The Gold Lab” is Simple to Set Up and Use


We’re trying to make gold prospecting easy for everyone, so your “Gold Lab” Kit comes with everything you need to get you started.


  • Your kit includes everything including an instructional DVD.
  • You can set up your machine in minutes, with nothing more than a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • It’s light weight, just 34 lbs, making it very portable so you can go anywhere with it.
  • The self-contained system packs up inside of itself for easy travel and storage.


What are you waiting for? Gold Lab technology eliminates panning for good! Start getting more out of your prospecting – Call 780-993-2677 or email today or order your “Gold Lab” here.


“The Gold Lab” Is the Most Efficient Fine Gold Extraction Method Available


The “Gold Lab Vortex” technology separates fine gold from black sands with minimal effort.


  • Extract fine gold from 12 mesh and finer (even down to -50 mesh) from your concentrates.
  • Our highest quality sluice box gold mat is the most effective on the market, catching gold in the first few inches.
  • Spend less time reducing and classifying your concentrates, and get better results.
  • The halogen lamp makes it easy to spot color- it will practically jump out at you!
  • The Gold Lab is so efficient, it could easily pay for itself.


Now’s the time. Get “The Gold Lab” today and get the fine gold that even a few years ago simply could not be extracted. Order today (right here) for more rewarding prospecting experience.


The Gold Lab Makes Gold Prospecting Fun Again


You already know that gold prospecting is a great thing to share with your friends and family, but after the initial luster and the newness wears off, panning can be plain tedious (not to mention hard on your back!)


  • Spend less effort, but keep all of the bragging rights
  • Process your concentrates wherever you want- at home or by the river.
  • Share the excitement with your kids, your grand kids, the guys from work, just about anyone!

$1350.00 (Includes shipping to your door)

If you have one of these, than you need the next item!

Please note:  This item is shipped direct from the United States.  Applicable taxes and duty may be added at the border, which is the purchasers responsibility.

See this machine in operation at the following links:

***Please Note, Pricing may change due to unforseen circumstances***

The Thumper  Not Available At This Time!

Take Your Gold Mining to the Next Level with “The Thumper”

Do you want to process your materials faster than ever before? 

Are you ready to run more gold-laden super concentrates through “The Gold Lab” so you can recover and keep more of the good stuff, the gold, you are after?

Do you want to save time, effort and the dreaded final panning process?

The answer for all of us is "YES", I want to super concentrate my gold mining efforts.  Now we all can with the “The Thumper”.

GLP Gold Miner Spiral Panning Machine Model 5158  Not Available At This Time!

The Gold Mining Gold Wheel comes complete with Built-in Agitators. These Agitators Vibrate concentrates to settle gold. Decreasing processing time by 25%. This unit comes with a fully Self-contained carrying case. Capable of running all day on three gallons of water.

The entire weight of the unit is less than 9 lbs including the self-contained carrying case. The spiral pan is 12 inches in diameter. All components are designed for rugged outdoor use with no lubrication or maintenance required. Runs on 12 volts DC. The Gold Miner is the only spiral wheel with this gold grabbing feature. The water volume from the spray bar is adjustable to accurately remove the black sand and leave you with clean gold.


Blue Bowl with Pump  Not Available At This Time!

THE Gravity CONCENTRATOR BOWL or "The Blue Bowl" as it is commonly known, will quickly recover your fine gold with only the water from a garden hose, or it can be rigged to recirculate with just a 12 volt pump (included) and a 3 or 5 gallon bucket (not included).

Panning fine gold and black sand concentrates by hand is very difficult and can be incredibly tedious. The Blue Bowl can recover Gold as fine as talcum powder when setup and run properly.

$204.99 each kit

The Do All Gold Grabber.  Not Available At This Time!

The ultimate item for dual usage.

Use as a sluice in the field:  

Run your material direct from the ground.  Concentrate material and run this through the Gold Grabber.

Use as your cleaning/classification system:

Run all your concentrates from your sluice or highbanker through this system and reduce your amounts by over 90% retaining all your gold.

This unique small system is specifically designed for maximum gold recovery.

At approximately 30 inches in length and only a few inches wide this unit grabs and holds the gold like nothing else.

This unit comes lined with the Keene Miracle Matting and Deep V Grooved matting.

The Keene Miracle Mat took 3 years of development and 25 prototypes before coming onto the market.  This matting traps and holds the gold like no other material.

After you have run your highbanker or sluice, you are left with a large amount of concentrates to process.  With our uniquely designed Do All Gold Grabber, you can quickly reduce this amount to only being left with the black sands and gold and very little blond sands to process in the finishing stage.

Our Do All Gold Grabber is very easy to use, only requires a minimal water flow, whether this be in a creek, river, the sluice area of your highbanker or you set this up at home.

If you do not own a Highbanker or other sluice system, this is a must.  You can run your material as is being carefull to ensure all rocks are washed through or removed or screen your paydirt into a bucket and run this material through our Do All Gold Grabber.  In very short time, you are left only with the gold, black sands and very little blonds.  Much easier and quicker than panning numerous pans to recover your gold.

Why carry out heavy concentrates when you can reduce this quickly, easily and safely not loosing any of your hard sought gold.

A must for every miner or hobbyist.

Get yours now. (Limited to availability).  We have a very hard time keeping up with orders on this item and is based on availability of the Keene Miracle Matting.

$150.00 without flare

$175.00 with flare

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chris 13.07.2015 21:59

Hey Doug, can you use the do all gold grabber directly in a stream in Alberta?

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