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Welcome to the Yellow Metal Miners Club Home Page

Hello everyone.

Yellow Metal Miners Club / Association is located within the Edmonton Area and is open to all persons interested in Gold Panning, Gold Mining and Prospecting.

Always great to see and meet new people joining the club.  Sharing stories, ideas, equipment and other information is a great way to stay active, meet new people and pass the months until the opportunity returns to get back out and get yer Gold!

A special thank you to a returning guest speaker.  Frank, always great hearing of your trails for the gold, and seeing all the items you share.

 Here are the dates for upcoming meetings.  Looking forward to sharing stories and adventures we all have experienced.

At present, we are planning a Gold and Prospectors Show which will have several displays, activities and a Gold Panning Competiton with prizes (nominal fee to enter, plus seperate age groups).

About the Yellow Metal Miners Club

Meetings are held monthly, on occasion, twice per month. Information is shared, items are demonstrated and friendships are developed.

Guest speakers will be scheduled throughout the winter months and outings for day trips planned throughout the year. Occasionally we will have some fun at competitions with prizes.

Come and share your stories and hear others. Guaranteed to be a fun enjoyable time.

Please register with attendance and number attending by email or phone. Location of meeting will be sent upon registration.

A little about Doug Winkleman. Doug has over 30 plus years of experience. He has appeared on Global, Go Edmonton, CTV both Local and National News and Alberta Prime Time. He was featured in the May 2014 issue of Alberta Avenue Magazine. Doug has conducted surveys and tests for Gold Operations. He has panned and found gold in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Oregon, Alaska, British Columbia and Alberta. Doug is a member of the Gold Prospectors Association of America and Miners 49'ers. Doug is also in the process of writing a book about Gold in Alberta (soon to be completed and offered for sale). He designs and manufactures one of a kind Gold Recovery Systems, Gold catching and cleaning systems and large scale Gold Recovery Systems for mines. Yes! He knows what it takes to find gold.

For more information, please contact Doug at 780-993-2677

Or visit

We are in the process of finding/requiring a new meeting location, where we are able to set up and run/test various equipment.  In the mean time, we have a temporary location to meet.  Please call 780-993-2677 or email for details.

If you know of a place or location that we can use, or have a place available for these meetings, please let us know

If you have any suggestions for meeting topics or have information, gold systems, or anything you would like to share, please let us know, we are always looking forward to seeing and hearing new things.

See you at our next meeting, until then, Let the Gold Fever bring you to the Mother Load. 

One thing we will do this season is hold a gold panning competition at one of these meetings, yes with prizes.  So Start Practicing.

Our next Date and Location to be determined.

Call 780-993-2677


Nathan 01.03.2018 06:02

I am excited to join the club with my wife. Please let is know of the next meeting time place and how to join the group. Thank you. My name is Nathan hers Shan

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I am excited to join the club with my wife. Please let is know of the nex...

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