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About Doug

A little about Doug: 

First, he has taken his knowledge and used this to design and manufacture some of the best gold recovery equipment on the market today, this equipment has been tested by independant consultants and found to recover up to 99% right down to ultra fine gold.

Second, he has also used his knowledge to bring in and sell equipment that is exclusive to recovering all gold, right down to ultra fine gold.  Don't hesitate to ask him any questions, he knows the answers.

He has been prospecting, mining and panning for more than 38 years.  He has studied geological formations and land that should produce gold.  He has had the opportunity to prospect and find gold in Montana, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, including Vancouver Island and of course Alberta.  He is presently writing a book on Gold Prospecting.  He has appeared on Global, Go Edmonton, CTV local and National News, Alberta Prime Time and AMI Canada to name a few. He has written numerous articles for magazines such as Gold Prospector and Alberta RV and Resort.  He knows what it takes to bring home the yellow metal and has used his knowledge to design and manufacture a complete line of gold recovery equipment, some of these being the only systems of their kind used today, he also manufactures other mining items both small and large for gold miners young and old and large scale mining operations.  Yes, he is very knowledgeable, and does have the credentials to back him.

He even has claims/gold mines in British Columbia which have proven to contain substantial amounts of the Yellow Metal, Gold.

Click on the following link to watch the latest Television appearances from CTV Edmonton and Alberta Prime Time:

Some History

A little known fact, Gold is within reach here in Alberta.  As Gold prices rise and are expected to reach $2000.00 per ounce, more people are busy mining along the North Saskatchewan River and other locations throughout Alberta, North America and the world, eager to find the Mother Lode and strike it rich.

The North Saskatchewan River has the occasional Gold Nugget, but the majority of Gold is Flour Gold also known as Flood Gold.  This gold is very pure, approximately in the range of 22 K.

The North Saskatchewan river is glacial deposit rock.  There are Diamonds, rubies, saphires, garnets, opals and other gem stones within this deposit.  Also fossilized wood and Dinosaur Bones.  It is rare we leave without finding some of these items.  Adding pleasure to the hunt.  We will help you identify anything you find.  If we don't have the asnwer, we will find it for you.

There is Gold located throughout the Province of Alberta.  North of Coleman is our only volcanic area.  Here it is possible to find nuggets.  Also, the Lost Lemon Mine, said to hold Millions in Gold is told to be within this region.  Happy hunting, but remember the curse said to be placed on this gold.

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Dan Tanner 28.02.2018 03:12

Gold nugget Doug you should run for mayor!

Clair Schmidt 09.04.2016 17:26

Hay Doug its Clair ,I have moved to Wells BC last August and if your planning a road trip let me know .Im mine boss for a large operation close by Wells doing w

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Gold nugget Doug you should run for mayor!