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The DoAll Gold Recovery System Model CJGRS 13-01   Not Available At This Time!

"Special order only"

This is the only complete system on the market.  Our system comes with a 3 foot long sluice, and the following interchangeable attachments that extend the length to over 4 feet: A River Flare, A Hopper which turns the sluice into a Miller Table, A Highbanker attachment which allows the Grizzly to be attached creating the Highbanker.  Also included is the Grizzly which comes complete with water line.  The water line includes a control valve for easy adjustment of water pressure and a garden hose attachment for easy and convenient clean out and clean up. 

The sluice component is 11 inches wide by 3 feet long with 3 and 1/4 inch sides.  Each sluice contains special rubber matting which is also used during operation of the Miller Table.  A Special Gold Magnet Matting.  Yellow Jacket Miners Moss and  7 Hungarian riffles spaced 4.5 inches apart.  The riffle bar is attached with clasps at the centre of the sluice allowing for easy unobstructed removal and access to the miners moss and matting.

The grizzly is 11 inches wide by 3 feet long.  The hopper area is 1 foot by 1 foot and is 7 inches high, there is a taper from the hopper to the front of the grizzly that has a height of 3 and 1/2 inches.  At the front of the grizzly is an area cut out with a fine grill in place to allow water and fines to drop to the sluice carrying away the larger material to your tailings pile.  There is a 1 foot by 1 foot area between the hopper and the grilling to allow your material to stratify, maximizing your gold recovery and preventing blow out at the tailings point.

The grizzly is equipped with a 1 and 1/2 inch ABS water system that has 1 shut off and a short length of garden hose and a nozzle allowing easy clean out and clean up of the system.

The Miller Table attachment is equipped with a 1/2 inch water line and control valve allowing for water flow adjustment, maximizing gold recovery.  The design has a built in feed hopper that spreads the material, mixes with water, and flows through a small opening allowing the material to stratify and separate, carrying the black sands away leaving gold at the top of the special matting.

Now you can be the owner of our Do All Gold Recovery System at a very affordable price.

$1500.00 per unit.

Our Gold Grabber works great to concentrate down your material after you do your cleanout on the Highbanker!

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Claim Jumpers CJGRS 16-03  Not Available At This Time!

This is our premium Highbanker.

Measuring 12 inches wide by 48 inches in length.  The Grizzly on this model is 48 inches in length allowing more time for material to be washed. It comes with our heavy action spray system in the top hopper box allowing for maximum washing of material, giving you more Gold in your sluice.

This High Banker comes complete with a water system that incorporates a clean up spray hose attached (pump required, not included).  It also has our specially designed Deep Hungarian Riffles and our proprietary unique three layer matting system designed for maximum Gold recovery right down to micro fines. This system comes complete with inflatable tires and front legs that tuck away for easy storage and transporting. The front handles double as rear legs if required and are equiped with latch pins for easy removal and placement.

Now you can pull this High Banker out and wheel it to where you want to set up. Once you have placed it where you want it, raise the Grizzly hopper and lower the front legs to the desired height, hook up the water and you are ready to go.

The front handles are easily detachable and become the rear legs. Simply attach them, set to desired height and you are ready to bring home the gold..

Our High Banker folds and locks down for ease of transportation and storage.

Anyone who mines for a hobby or is serious about finding Gold, needs one of these machines.

You can stop and start the water without fear of losing Gold, just place a bin at the front to ensure you don't loose anything. Cleanup once a week, or more often if you can't wait to see the Gold. Designed for maximum Gold Recovery and can handle well over a yard of material per hour.  We have tested our product with 10 people shovelling at one time non stop and the results in the pan after, are tremendous.

We use all our products at our Gold Claim/Placer Mine in the Cariboo Region of British Columbia.


Our Gold Grabber works great to concentrate down your material after you do your cleanout on the Highbanker!

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Backpacker Highbanker Not Available At This Time!

Model CJGRS 20-01

This little machine will produce gold like no other machine of its kind.

Weighing in at approximately 15 pounds.  Folding to a dimension of 2.5 feet by 6 inches wide with a depth of approximately 7 inches. This unit has been specifically designed to attach to or fit in a backpack making this Easy to transport. Now you can go where no one else can to highbank and retrieve the gold. All you require is a small pump (recommend a minimum 1100 GPH Bilge Pump) and power source (12 volt motorcylce battery for lighter weight) to operate (not included).

The Backpacker Highbanker sluice run opens to 4.5 feet in length, 6 inches wide. The Riifle system has 3 Hungarian Riffles on the top and 4 Hungarian Riffles on the bottom run. Built to our superior standards to bring the gold to you.  This unit comes complete with detachable legs specifically designed for stability, a half inch water system with control valve, our unique riffle angle, yellow jacket miners moss with 3 sub layers of matting beneath (this unit will catch all fines and trap and hold nuggets).

Hurry and get yours today.

Now you can own a complete gold recovery system at a very affordable price.

$450.00 per unit.

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Model CJGRS 20-01

The DoAll Gold Grabber.  Not Available At This Time!

Model CJGG 15-01 (No Flare)

Model CJGG 15-02 (With Flare)

The ultimate item for dual usage.

Use as a sluice in the field:  

Run your material direct from the ground.  Concentrate material and run this through the Gold Grabber.

Use as your cleaning/classification system:

Run all your concentrates from your sluice or highbanker through this system and reduce your amounts by over 90% retaining all your gold.

This unique small system is specifically designed for maximum gold recovery.

At approximately 30 inches in length and only a few inches wide this unit grabs and holds the gold like nothing else.

This unit comes lined  with the Keene Miracle Matting and Deep V Grooved matting.

The Keene Miracle Mat took 3 years of development and 25 prototypes before coming onto the market.  This matting traps and holds the gold like no other material.

After you have run your highbanker or sluice, you are left with a large amount of concentrates to process.  With our uniquely designed Do All Gold Grabber, you can quickly reduce this amount to only being left with the black sands and gold and very little blond sands to process in the finishing stage.

Our Do All Gold Grabber is very easy to use, only requires a minimal water flow, whether this be in a creek, river, the sluice area of your highbanker or you set this up at home.

If you do not own a Highbanker or other sluice system, this is a must.  You can run your material as is being carefull to ensure all rocks are washed through or removed or screen your paydirt into a bucket and run this material through our Do All Gold Grabber.  In very short time, you are left only with the gold, black sands and very little blonds.  Much easier and quicker than panning numerous pans to recover your gold.

Why carry out heavy concentrates when you can reduce this quickly, easily and safely not loosing any of your hard sought gold.

A must for every miner or hobbyist.

Get yours now. (Limited to availability).  We have a very hard time keeping up with orders on this item and is based on availability of the Keene Miracle Matting.

$130.00 without flare

$165.00 with flare

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hi was wondering if you had any blue bowls left?

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