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Gold Prospectors Association of America

The Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) is an organization dedicated to finding and mining gold on a small or recreational scale. It has gold claims across America and members can work the claims for a yearly fee. The club is headquartered in Temecula, California. Most, if not all GPAA, activities are in the United States and Canada. The organization was founded in 1968 "to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector."[ The association opposes mining methods that harm the environment and is against anti-prospecting bureaucracy. As of 2007, the GPAA is an independent company. The company stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

The Canadian National Gold Panners Association

The Canadian National Goldpanners Association, dedicated to the history and sport of Gold panning in Canada.  Their Vision is that all people learn about and appreciate the role that gold panning played in Canadian history. That people will strive to protect and pass on this valuable heritage to future generations.

Their Mission is to assist organizations and individuals in promoting goldpanning by making visible the role that gold panning played in the history of Canada.

Their Goal is to collect and disseminate information and resources by correlating the efforts of goldpanning organizations across Canada.

Betty 22.08.2014 22:48

Hi... Wondering if you have gift cards available? We would like to give one for Christmas.

Brent Coutts 22.01.2014 19:32

Hi Doug,

I am starting this hobby for 2014. Santa helped ha ha by supplying a metal detector and panning set. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

Doug 05.05.2014 20:35

Hello Brent. Love to be able to help with offering you instruction on how to pan, where to look for gold, prospect, etc. Pick a date and see you then. Doug

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