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$100.00 per person aged 12 and over. 11 years of age and under are free when accompanied by an adult or guardian and are expected to share the kit provided.  If you wish to purchase a kit for your child 11 years or under the price is $50.00 per person.

Payment is required in advance, classes are limited in size to be able to assist each person fully.

If paying at the class start, cash only please.

Payment by PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and American Express can be completed online by going to the Payment section.  Upon completion of payment, ensure you have copied and pasted the form into the email section and have emailed it.  Thank you

Preferred Class dates:  1st _______________________

                                  2nd ______________________

                                  3rd _______________________

                                  4th _______________________

Name in full __________________________________________

Address ______________________________

City _____________________  Prov ________

Home phone _______________________ 

Cell _______________________

Email __________________________________

Name of children 11 years of age and under accompanying paid registrant.

___________________________________  ______________________________________

___________________________________  ______________________________________

Paid by:   Visa ___      MasterCard ___     Amex ___     PayPal ___

Cash upon registration completion ____

Please copy, paste and complete the above form in the message box below for registration.  Confirmation of registration will be emailed for your records.

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08.11 | 23:04

Hi Marco, thank you for your question. We manufacture a Backpacker Highbanker which weighs only 13 pounds. Folded it measures 2&1/2 opening to 4&1/2 ft.

08.11 | 17:21

Hi I have been doing some research in East Alabama. I would need a very lightweight setup to pack in. Is there anything you can recommend for me to look at?

01.03 | 06:02

I am excited to join the club with my wife. Please let is know of the next meeting time place and how to join the group. Thank you. My name is Nathan hers Shan

28.02 | 03:12

Gold nugget Doug you should run for mayor!