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"It's All About Finding The Gold!"

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After many years, many shows and many students,I have decided to Retire and hit the Gold Fields while I still can!

I thank everyone for their valued support and friendship!

May your Pans be shining Yellow!

(Private Instruction for groups can still be arranged).

We bring you to the Gold! 

And make it easier for the GOLD to come to you!

After all: It's All About Finding The Gold!

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Matt Pustelnik from the City of Edmonton has advised that as of April 1st, 2020, the City of Edmonton has removed the requirement for a City panning permit. However, in order to conduct any placir operations (panning, highbanking, etc) within the City of Edmonton you must be in possession of a valid Alberta Placir Mining Licence.



Thank you.

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Doug Winkleman

At Claim Jumpers

Marco Formby 08.11.2020 17:21

Hi I have been doing some research in East Alabama. I would need a very lightweight setup to pack in. Is there anything you can recommend for me to look at?

Doug 08.11.2020 23:04

Hi Marco, thank you for your question. We manufacture a Backpacker Highbanker which weighs only 13 pounds. Folded it measures 2&1/2 opening to 4&1/2 ft.

peter labant 30.12.2017 03:06

happy new year and good luck with mining

Lorraine 13.06.2017 23:16

Attended the gold panning class at Prospector's Point this past weekend - it was informative, interesting and fun! Met lots of great people too! Thanks again!!!

greg 19.06.2016 17:05

my brother and i bought a high banker from doug and wow dose it collect gold doubled our gold find thanks doug

Tim Goerlitz 10.11.2015 04:24

interested in claims.

Michael 25.07.2015 23:17

Hello, was wondering if I could purchase one of you mini all in one hibanker and pick up rather then shipping.

jerry jones 26.06.2015 02:29

hi Doug Iam interested in terry creek 3 cells for sale 604-855-2439

Doug 11.01.2016 01:16

Hi Jerry;

Sorry for the huge delay, I was finally able to locate Irene, who has the claims, her contact info is

Iddon 04.06.2015 17:38

Hi Doug just wonderful if you had any of the mini high banker in stock was looking to pick up today.

Kevin 27.03.2015 17:05

Where are you located in edmonton

gord 23.02.2015 22:21

Hi dougI would like your bizzness phone number to order a few things from you like extra flux n 1oz mold u dont have that up on your site..thks

Kimberly 03.02.2015 22:55

I am very interested in joining the group / I would like any info you can offer me as to membership costs and when / where to begin. Cheers
Thanks in advance -

Doug 19.11.2014 01:07

Hello Tom. Yes we do have extra bags of flux and 1 oz molds available. Please send us an email to and we can help. Doug

tom marsh 18.11.2014 21:48

do you have extra bags of flux and 1 oz molds if I purchase the melting pot?

ken meeks 06.03.2014 17:50

great 65 and looking for a claim around cottonwood with easy access for hobby with stream or water

Doug 08.09.2013 19:53

Hello Mike; Thank you for the compliment. Once a person spots gold in a pan, Gold Fever strikes. We would be happy to assist you with all prospecting needs.

Mike 07.09.2013 05:20

Hello Doug, you have a great site here. I am just starting my prospecting career or hobby. I have gold fever for sure. I am considering a claim in BC sometime.

Bruce McTavish 05.07.2013 17:37

Hi Doug,
Do you know anyone who has gold jig they are looking to sell.

Bruce McTavish

Doug 05.07.2013 19:33

Hello Bruce; hope you are finding the Gold.

I do not know anyone who has a gold jig. I will keep my ears open and if I hear of one I will let you know.

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08.11 | 23:04

Hi Marco, thank you for your question. We manufacture a Backpacker Hig...

08.11 | 17:21

Hi I have been doing some research in East Alabama. I would need a ve...

01.03 | 06:02

I am excited to join the club with my wife. Please let is know of the nex...

28.02 | 03:12

Gold nugget Doug you should run for mayor!