Keep Posted, we have designed and developed an interesting HighBanker specifically designed for the ability to hike and backpack in!

(Note: Gift Certificates can not be used towards any paydirt as we work seperately from Eureka Gold Sands.)


don 23.03.2015 04:42

hi,i would like info on some of your claims you have for sale.please contact me at my gmail

Laura 22.03.2015 18:12

Do you have any package deals for a beginner who has nothing but a dream?

don 23.03.2015 04:44

lots of gold out there

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08.11 | 23:04

Hi Marco, thank you for your question. We manufacture a Backpacker Highbanker which weighs only 13 pounds. Folded it measures 2&1/2 opening to 4&1/2 ft.

08.11 | 17:21

Hi I have been doing some research in East Alabama. I would need a very lightweight setup to pack in. Is there anything you can recommend for me to look at?

01.03 | 06:02

I am excited to join the club with my wife. Please let is know of the next meeting time place and how to join the group. Thank you. My name is Nathan hers Shan

28.02 | 03:12

Gold nugget Doug you should run for mayor!