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Written by James Gerald Carl Kelvin Hanna on May. 27, 2019
out looking over paydirts prices, hope to buy some soon. If mom stops bugging me about spending my money hehe 8-) ... Glad to be your 176,625 viewer. Maybe viewer #200k would get something free?
Written by Moses hightower on Dec. 17, 2018
Hi Dougg, I’m interested in coming out for a relaxation class with you. I can be reached on my email or phone +1 (780) 722-7400. Thank you and what is the dress code while in the river can I wear a speedo?
Written by Dan tanner on Feb. 27, 2018
Nugget Dougg winks me thinks we need to get together have a drink and do a mine some gold with the boys... text me . Tanner
Written by Dan Tanner on Feb. 27, 2018
Winks just wanted to say hello don’t think my message went through I can’t see it. Been too long need to get together and get a drink and talk about old times when we swung hammers together.
Written by Dan Tanner on Feb. 27, 2018
Doug im getting married in March can you contact me would like to share a whiskey with you before then maybe you can make it if your not busy. Call me dan tanner ‭+1 (780) 937-4680‬
Written by Dan Tanner on Feb. 27, 2018
Miss seeing you Gold Nugget Doug be nice to have a drink or 22 soon! Great friend good guy loved the stories.
Written by Ryan & Gemma on Sep. 19, 2013
What a wonderful day! Doug and his trusty steed, Al, complete with magic tricks...would reccomend this day course to all...there is something for every age! So knowledgeable about rocks, formations and a wealth of help for us as a first year claim holder! Plus it was amazing that you design and build a lot of your equipment! Thank you for sharing the day and your experience!
Still cant believe we found so much diamonds and garnets!
Yukon next year??
Take care and hope to see you soon!
Ryan, Gemma & Toefro :-)
Written by Jim and Sue Edwards on Sep. 2, 2013
Just have to say thanks to Doug. What a wonderful day we had. Not only were we outside on a beautiful day, we learned so much about panning for gold, got to try all the equipment that Doug shared, we also found gold. Awesome!
Anyone who has ever dreamed of learning to pan for gold has to do this. It is one of the easiest things to do - especially with Doug teaching you. He teaches you everyting you need to know, shares all of his equipment with you, you even keep to keep the gold that he helps you to find. He even brings snacks.
Like I said we had a fun day with Doug. What other hobby is there - where the start up cost is cheap, you can do it right in the city, and make a bit of cash on the side.
Thanks again Doug and good luck.
Written by Joel on Aug. 18, 2013
Thought I stop by and Say hi again! ran into you guys on Aug 17th look like fun defiantly going to have to sign up for one of the classes!
Written by Doug Winkleman on Jun. 25, 2013
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Hi Marco, thank you for your question. We manufacture a Backpacker Highbanker which weighs only 13 pounds. Folded it measures 2&1/2 opening to 4&1/2 ft.

08.11 | 17:21

Hi I have been doing some research in East Alabama. I would need a very lightweight setup to pack in. Is there anything you can recommend for me to look at?

01.03 | 06:02

I am excited to join the club with my wife. Please let is know of the next meeting time place and how to join the group. Thank you. My name is Nathan hers Shan

28.02 | 03:12

Gold nugget Doug you should run for mayor!